Harbor Village Farmers Market

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet some of our arts and crafts vendors!

Claire Straka-Ellis - Eclarity art and Kathena Avelon of Deux Amies Jewelry

These women are well known and have been coast-side residents of many years. Their line of jewelry is unique and one of a kind.  Pieces include earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings.  Materials include silver, cooper, bronze, and leather, with natural stones and glass beads from Africa, Europe, and Asia. Many of their customers return time after time to add to their collections of Deux Amies jewelry.

Denise King- Tangled Chains

Denise King is a self-taught artist. Born in 1955 in Southern California, Denise took to creating art as soon as she was able to hold a crayon. She would often find silly objects like discarded flash bulbs and pipe cleaners and turn them into bouquets of flowers. Years of artistic suppression was finally overcome when she moved to the coast in Northern California10 years ago. The salty air and daily walks on the beach made it clear that now Denise's life would be centered around her passion for creating. About 3 years ago, with the encouragement of her husband her weekends became retreats into the garage where she put beach glass and grout together to make her first mosaic. Then she started adding decoration to the dozens of sea urchins collected from the sands and finally from a tangled mess of old necklace chains and seashells she designed her first necklace. Denise now devotes all her spare time to creating her necklaces and turning her beach artifacts into art to share with everyone. From all of this was born TANGLED CHAIN CREATIONS, what I fondly call "an eclectic collection of jewelry and art". Walks at the beach still include Haley & Max, her favorite four-legged children, her number one fan Gregg, her husband, and a group of other dog lovers and artistic types who offer encouragement and support as well as laughs and enduring friendship.My work can be found at www.TangledChainCreations.com and at my Etsy shop, tangledchaincreation. However, to find the most up-to-the-minute creations look for me at the Harbor Village Farmer's Market or other craft fairs in the local area.
Renee Musante-Villanueva, owner of Peace of Heart in Pacifica, Ca. 
 I have lived on the San Mateo Coast (currently reside in El Granada) since 1980.  I have a passion in the arts, and spiritual/holistic healing arts.  I currently have a jewelry retail and healing business in Pacifica, CA.  I am inspired by sea life and the art of glass blowing.   Currently taking classes in glass-blowing in Berkeley, I still enjoy the art of others in selling what I like best; I also have my own upcoming creations in blown glass pendants.  I currently hold seminars to empower woman in finding their creative path to happiness, and meditative groups opening the mind to creativity, along with massage, Reiki and cranial sacral therapy.
Design Hunter
I was born in the mid-west and moved to California when I was 3. I lived in Redwood City, and grew up watching my mother and grandmother sew and do other art and craft projects.
     I made my first garment when I was twelve and have been sewing and making art ever since.
    I went back to college in 2003 and earned a associate degree with an Art major, also a certificate in design and production of garments, and Photoshop.
  I've been creating bags as a business for 4 years and I am currently selling at the Harbor Village in Princeton, hope you come by and check it out. Dianne Pierce/ Design Hunter
Sharon Chan-Parodi
Angel Artworks
I am experienced, yet primarily self-taught, artist; who makes use of various mediums (oils, charcoal, pen & ink) to recreate scenery and landscapes viewed from my travels and/or actual photos as I pictures their shapes and colors in my mind’s eye.
I have painted and drawn my body of work on various sized canvas and paper modes that contain my artistic perspectives of pastoral vineyards, quaint country sides, vast mountain ranges, tropical hideaways, and the ocean’s splendor; which is further evident in my vast array of note cards, with each card individually hand drawn a one of a kind original that makes for a unique greeting or personalized note for a special occasion.
Born in San Francisco, I lived and worked in The City as well as all along the Peninsula, and currently reside in San Mateo. My travel bug has led me to such locales as Alaska, Washington State, Texas, Hawaii, Canada, China, Thailand and England.
My collegiate efforts were rewarded with a B.A. Degree from S.F. State in Marketing and many late nights were spent on line to earn a Master’s Degree from The University of Phoenix in International Global Management.
My professional career stops include many years in the retail industry, some time in office sales and management, and a recent 4 year stint as Sales/Event Coordinator at Malibu Grand Prix Amusement Park.
A sampling of my artwork can be viewed at
Contact me via email . . . 
s.chanparodi@angelartworks.vpweb.comFind Me at S. Chan Parodi, Artist
Website: www.angelartworks.vpweb.com
Location:  Harbor Village Farmers Market Art Walk 
                Every Sunday in August & September 
                270 Capistrano Rd, Half Moon Bay 
 Redwood City Farmers Market Art Walk
                July 17th. 24th, 31st
               Near Boulangerie on Broadway, Redwood City

           San Carlos Art Walk 

              Every Thursday Starting July17th, 2012 4PM -8PM
              Located Near Bianchini Market, Laurel St., San Carlos

Amy Perrier

I grew up in Folsom CA and now live in San Francisco and work at a health IT company. I started making my garden art in April of 2012 when I saw these featured on a blog. I fell in love with them, and I have always loved the idea of taking something created for one thing but finding other purposes for them. My Garden Flower Plates have inspired me to move on to other projects such as making chairs out of old suitcases, terrariums, and making wine bottles into hanging plant pots. I hope you enjoy these beautiful hand crafted pieces as much as I do. www.etsy.com/shop/Bloomsticks

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