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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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Biography and Career Overview

San Francisco native and resident singer/songwriter/actress/journalist/author Kimberlye Gold has been pursuing her dream and perfecting her craft since birth (her mother had her birth announcement printed as a theater ticket, "It's A Girl"). Before she could see over the dashboard, she was already writing poetry and songs and singing in talent contests. (She insisted on delivering the entire “Twelve Days of Christmas” at a summer vacation resort called Hobergs when she was five for the mostly Jewish vacationers.) Beginning with the award-winning San Francisco rock 'n roll musical comedy, Breakfast In Marin, starring as "Sunny" when she was a teenager, she is no stranger to the stages and recording studios of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and London. About a decade ago, Kimberlye added “journalist” to her multi-media cap. When she's not performing at venues such as Biscuits ‘N Blues in San Francisco, Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles, The Bitter End in New York City, The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and 12 Bar in London, Kimberlye has been a music critic and writer of the hilarious column, "Almost Famous: My Adventures as a SF Entertainment Journalist" for the San Francisco Herald, which won "Best Neighborhood Newspaper" in SF Weekly's "Best of 2001" issue. She is also a freelance writer for various publications across the country including the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, Time Out New York, Gig Magazine, The Tennessean, The Dallas Observer, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, and was a regular contributor on the sadly-defunct online magazine Grapevine Culture. Having been christened "The Carrie Bradshaw of R&R" and The Carrie Bradshaw of SF", Kimberlye is currently working on a book based on her "Almost Famous" columns, much like Ms. Bradshaw did in Sex & The City, and her friend and mentor Ben Fong-Torres’ Becoming Almost Famous collection of his favorite Rolling Stone interviews.

Kimberlye's latest release, Sycamore Street, is a blend of funky pop and acoustic ballads, a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll, ala her contemporary Sheryl Crow. Veteran NY jazz singer Rosemary Conte calls Kimberlye "an angel with an edge". Kimberlye's song "Rope Of Faith" is a haunting ballad inspired by an encouraging phone call and subsequent meeting with Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, after he heard her music. “I listened to Kimberlye’s voice so loud, so many times, my neighbors started pounding on the walls!” he recalled. She recorded “Rope Of Faith” in a traditional Celtic style as a tribute to his support and kindness. "Rope of Faith" was also the song she sang at her dad's memorial service. "It was one of his favorites," she says. Other songs such as the gritty “Nothin’ I Don’t Already Know” and the hypnotic title track "Sycamore Street" have critics and music fans singing her praises. Peter Cooper, music critic for The Tennessean, writes, "Her voice is the most striking element, I think; full and pretty, yet distinctive. The songwriting is really good as well." Ben Fong-Torres, author/journalist & former senior editor of Rolling Stone states, "Kimberlye has a way with words and music. Her songs are based as much on heart and soul as they are on rock & roll, folk, country and the blues. Her voice, pretty, strong and rocking, is equally adept at covering all those musical bases and more. I love meeting Kimberlye on Sycamore Street". Steve Massam/BBC Radio, notes "Kimberlye is a breath of fresh air; she sings from the heart with true feeling and passion. She can rock, yet has a quality in her voice that easily compares with Emmylou Harris or Allison Krauss." Paul Rodgers, lead singer/frontman for Bad Company and Queen (and three-time Kimberlye Gold interview subject) croons, “Really great. Kimberlye is a true singer.” The late Ian Copeland, former booking agent for F.B.I. (The Police, Blondie, the Go Gos), author and owner of the Backstage CafĂ© in Beverly Hills, raved, "Absolutely brilliant. Her voice, and especially the lyrical content are just fantastic. She has an open invitation to play the Backstage." Recently at a gig at Taix in LA’s trendy Echo Park, a new fan was so impressed he shot the whole show and uploaded it on youtube, exclaiming, “Kimberlye is gorgeous and can belt it out like very few others these days!” One of her audience members celebrating his 50th birthday said, “I’m single but I could marry your VOICE!”

Kimberlye performs at many charity and benefit events for local school music programs and performs at retirement homes and senior centers all over the Bay Area. She has regular spots where the residents know all the words to her songs as well as the standards. "I rock the rocking chair set!" she jokes.

Kimberlye has written/recorded and/or performed music/shared the stage with songwriters and producers as diverse as Narada Michael Walden (Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston) Frank Wildhorn (Jeckyl & Hyde), Trevor Gale ("Running To You" - Vanessa Williams), Kostas ("I Can Love You Better Than That" - Dixie Chicks), John Bettis ("Top Of The World" - The Carpenters, "One Moment In Time" - Whitney Houston, "Crazy For You" - Madonna) Michael Garvin ("Waiting For Tonight" - Jennifer Lopez), Billy Lee ("The One" - Gary Allan), and Holly Lamar ("Breathe" - Faith Hill). Kimberlye and Holly co-wrote "Don't Maybe Me", a cut on Atlantic Records recording artist Mila Mason's CD, The Strong One. Kimberlye’s song, “Show Me”, co-written with David Vaughn won “Best Song” for the 2006 West Coast Songwriters Northern California Open Mic Competition. Her song, “Sycamore Street”, co-written with Johnny Douglas won the same award for the 2007 competition and was judged "North Bay Area Song Of The Year” by a panel of music industry pros. Kimberlye’s song “I Ain’t Tammy”, co-written with Jack Williams won an Honorable Mention for Billboard Magazine’s World Music Awards in 2007.

Kimberlye has also created work in films and television. “The Sound of Your Voice” (co-written with Ralph Friedrichsen), “Ready To Let You In” (co-written with Brenda Warren) and “Beyond The Night” (co-written with Stan Bush, Kevin Dukes and Joey Sykes) were recently featured on the ABC Daytime drama All My Children. "One More Reason", (co-written with David Gregoli) was featured in the film A Time To Die (w/ Richard Roundtree, Jeff Conaway and Traci Lords). Her song, "Countdown To Love" (co-written with Paul Sabu), was included in the TV movie, Secrets between Friends on NBC & Lifetime. Kimberlye performed the theme song for the Bikini Open, co-written with Mark & Steve Collins, on pay-per-view TV and international syndication. Most recently, Kimberlye’s song, “Sycamore Street” is featured in the independent film 9:04 AM, which premiered at the West Palm Beach Film Festival and is currently screening in festivals across the country.

While in LA, Kimberlye studied acting at Sanford Meisner's school Neighborhood Playhouse West, under the tutelage of Bob Carneghie. Former grads included Robert Duvall and Robert DiNiro, while fellow students included Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Pfeiffer. Kimberlye was featured as the bass player in the all-girl band at the high school Halloween dance in the Jim Carrey/Lauren Hutton film, Once Bitten. She has also been featured in several music videos with artists as diverse as REO Speedwagon and Mick Jagger, as well as films and TV series like Perfect starring Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta and Square Pegs starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Most recently, she has appeared the film Moneyball starring Brad Pitt and on the NBC TV series Trauma as a patient. She’s been a featured actress on the Investigation Discovery channel docudrama I (ALMOST) GOT AWAY WITH IT.

Kimberlye was a co-writer, producer, and background vocalist on English country artist Valerie Jay's sophomore CD, Pacific Time at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco.

Kimberlye is currently working on her sophomore CD with SF producer Tru.


Kimberlye Gold


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