Harbor Village Farmers Market


Vendor Farmers Market Key Requirements:

  • All Food vendors offering food must have valid 2012 permit issued by San Mateo County Dept. of Health.
  • All vendors must carry adequate insurance liability coverage.
  • Must Complete “Farmers Market at Harbor Village Vendor Application”
  • Must be approved and agree to both Market and Property guidelines, rules and regulations.
  • Must be given written approval of acceptance and sign short-term lease for space rent.

For food producers, all products must be grown in California.  We give precedence to those producers who farm locally and/or organically. For other food and product vendors, we have a strong preference for vendors who use organic and locally/regionally grown produce. We also strongly encourage at least 12 months experience in the business being represented at the farmers market. Exceptions will only be made under select circumstances. 

Vendor Temporary Lease info:

All approved vendors must agree to temporary lease agreement ranging in length from 1 month (Month-To-Month Lease agreement), 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Longer the lease terms offer greater pricing flexibility and other preferred benefits. All payments are paid 1 month in advance of vendor occupancy. Payments must be in on the 1st of each month and are considered late on the 5th of each month carrying a 10% Penalty per 5 days late. Non-Payment will also result in vendor temporary or permanent suspension. Rental rate is good for only 1 business entity selling products at farmers market and 1 designated space location. Additional related businesses or space needs will be considered an additional (and for all intensive purposes) separate entity unless otherwise expressly noted and consented.  The weekly rental rate varies based on the rental commitment term and whether vendors commit to the entire month or to a Bi-monthly term.

Weekly Rental Rates:

$25 Each Week (monthly 4 times a month)

$35 Each Week ( Bi-monthly 2 times per month)

What is included and excluded from rent AGREEMENT?

The feed paid by each vendor is good for a 10 X 5 space inside the mall and 10 X 10 spaces outside the mall. Power is included to a very limited extent inside the mall only. All other tables, accessories and arrangements are separate and are not included in the monthly fee. Tables can be leased out for an additional fee or an outside rental company can be used.

Farmers Market Harbor Village Vendor Application


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  1. The price is good, I like it. I have seen other rental agreements for vendor farmers and this one has very good conditions. It is similar to the one they have in Argentina. There they rent a space in a market for a month, so the Buenos Aires temporary rent includes all the utilities and some extra services like a person that cleans the place you are at. It is very convenient!