Harbor Village Farmers Market

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Zip lining coming to Harbor Village Aug 5th, 2012!

Zip lining coming to Harbor Village Aug 5th!

Where: Located at Harbor Village in Half Moon Bay, California (Coincides from 10-4 with Harbor Village Farmers Market)

When: Sunday, Aug 5th 2012.

Why: For fun and excitement!

Email us at info@ziplinebayarea.com

Phone: (925) 262-4222

Website: http://www.ziplinebayarea.com/

Among many other Inspiring Fun activities that thrill groups from less than a dozen to many hundreds, none is hotter than it's super-cool portable zip line. One of only a few of its kind on the West Coast, Inspiring Fun's dual zip line enables either one rider or two riders simultaneously to safely harness in, and zip down at more than twenty miles an hour before stopping comfortably more than Two Hundred feet away. Inspiring Fun sets it self apart by being able to bring this unique entertainment directly to your special corporate, community and private events. Fun loving folks no longer need to travel long distances or pay big bucks to get in on the craze, and experience or repeat the excitement of zip lining!

Company Profile:

Inspiring Fun

"Inspiring Fun"

"Inspiring Fun" is the premiere Bay Area provider of innovative, interactive entertainment for all ages. Inspiring Fun's most well known division owns and operates the largest group of Games2U franchises in the country (right here in the Bay Area). Games2U, an extraordinarily popular, international franchise, has been featured prominently in the U.S., both in national publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, and on network TV, including ABC's "Shark Tank" and the Rachel Ray show. Some of the many activities that wow its thousands of happy customers are: eye-popping Video Game Theaters; wonderful laser tag systems; human-size hamster balls that are really addicting; and even a "U-Bot" - a robot on wheels with great lights and sound, in which you can climb inside and drive around (and from which you can even shoot your friends with nerf balls)!
Phone: (925) 262-4222 
Website: http://www.inspiringfun.com/

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