Harbor Village Farmers Market

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Approved vendors for grand opening Farmers Market/ Arts and Crafts Fair

Here are some of the vendors that will be at our farmers market starting Sundays April 22nd from 10-4 and will be every Sunday year round. Not all vendors will be there everyday, but these vendors have been approved by association. We are always looking for qualified vendors, so contact us as soon as possible.

The following 1st and 2nd Round Applications has been approved. 3rd Round Applications will be announced on Friday April 13th.

Golden Coast bee collective – Honey, honey made products, beeswax, and more. Location – El Granada

Mountain Fresh- broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, potatoes, chayote, celery. Location – Hollister

Blue Ocean Smokehouse- fresh fish, smoked fish, crab, salmon, halibut, and rockfish. Location – Princeton

Kidding around with chocolate- chocolates/ fudge made from organic goats milk. Location la Honda.

Creek side Smokehouse- hot/cold smoked salmon, halibut albacore, sturgeon/ smoked cheeses. El Granada

Kingdom Cake- cupcakes, fudge cupcakes, seasonal jams. Location – San Francisco.

Yogi’s cooking- beans, bell pepper, dates, lima beans, split chickpeas more- location- concord

Medina Farms – strawberries. Location Holister

Andriotti's Farm- all fruits and veggies- location Half Moon Bay

Garden Zone Produce- egg plant, sugar cane, mellon, snow pea – Fresno

Avalos Organic Farms - beets, squash, carrots, celery, potatoes sweet corn, swiss chard - Hollister

G Sevice Meats - eastern european sausages made from chicken, pork, beef, and lamb - San Francisco

Cassatta Sonoma llc, olive oils- Sonoma county

Approved Arts, Crafts, other Artisans:

Tangled Chain creations - jewelry, necklaces, ornaments - El granada

A. Cozzolino nursery- flowers, potted plants, english peas - Half Moon Bay

Nancy Wilder Clothing Design - handmade felted accessories - Montara

Half Moon Flowers – Flowers, other gifts – Half Moon Bay

Challenge Horticulture- Orchids, cattleya, and more- Half Moon Bay

A.Cain Warm glass- glass blowing, plates, and more location- Moss beach

Amy Estkowski- Hand crafted Jewelry- Half Moon Bay

Colony of Coastside arts- Nonprofit with 80 artists will rotate. Accordingly. – Half Moon Bay

Gaia essentials- made from scratch soaps, oils, and lotions- Moss Beach

Wild women pottery- potter with wheel, make food designated items- Montara

Diana Riego – Smith- hand sewn tote bags/ pillows. Moss Beach

Science 2 the classroom- activities: fossil digs, mining, make your own necklaces, fossils, and more- Daly City

Angel art works – art using pen ink, pastels, water color, acrylic and oil – San Mateo

Rosie t stone jewelry- stone earrings out of gemstones – El Granada

Children’s 5-1 jumper-Hosted by HVMA with different Non-Profit selected each week to donate proceeds to.

Crystol tressor- crystals/ crystal jewelry- san Francisco.

Lovely Max Hats- hand crochet beanies for newborns – adult. Have style with them animals, monsters and more. – La Honda

Lavender Lady – Lavender sachets, dream pillows, bath bags, hand sewn – south city

Dick Ng Chinese paintings- Chinese brush paintings and prints – San Francisco

Islandgurl- crafts hand sewn bags, scarves, gloves

Elizabeth's Yarn- knitting and crochet supplies - Half Moon Bay

Quickert Ceramics - pottery for home - Montara

PupPups - dog paintings, greeting cards, dog signage - San Mateo

Four Feathers - Hand made bird houses/ feeders from recycled goods - Burlingame

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