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Friday, March 16, 2012

Pest Control Techniques- Chemical and Organic

Pest Control Techniques -Chemical and Organic

There are many different techniques for pest control on farms and gardens that you can use and we want to share a few with you. The first way is with chemical controls that you can apply, which can reduce the pest population very fast. The problem with this is that in the long-run it causes an increase in pests because the repeated use of chemical products creates immunities and resistant’s of organisms you are try to get rid of.
In contrast to chemical horticulture, organic horticulture is a much better long term solution, but requires understanding of many scientific factors, and pest life cycle sequences. Organically farming techniques proves to be much harder, but does create beneficial externalities for consumers, and the environment. Some of these net effects are soil protection, better fertilization, pollination, water conservation and season extension. These benefits are both complementary and cumulative in overall effect on site health. These are some techniques that you must consider and that could help you with your garden or farm.
-Allow for a level of pest damage to what you are growing.

-Planting and encouraging beneficial insects to flourish and eat other pests

-Encouraging beneficial microorganisms

-Choosing disease-resistant varieties

-Planting companion crops
-Using row covers to protect crop plants during pest migration periods

-Rotating crops to different locations to throw off pest reproduction cycles

-Using traps to control pest populations

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Some information was used and gathered from: wikipedia.org

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