Harbor Village Farmers Market

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why a "Farmers Market"

Why a Farmers Market?
If you look around, most of you can see the ever increasing popularity of Farmers Markets popping up all over. The reason why they are growing so quickly is that these markets provide a vital link between consumers and farmers, while also functioning as a great community center. American Consumer trends are showing an ever-increasing demand for fresh, healthy, locally grown food, and you cannot get any fresher than a Farmers Market. Farmers Markets are good for consumers in many ways. First of all the consumer is getting a great deal on local, fresh, and healthy products. Second consumers are getting to interactive with the vendors themselves getting educated on how the food is grown, or a variety of different things. These markets have grown throughout the years with music, face painting, arts, crafts , and other novelties, but the one fact has remained this is a great place to buy quality products. We are proud to be launching are Farmers Market on April 22, 2012 every Sunday from 10-3 at Harbor Village, Half Moon Bay, Ca. Come check it out and join the fun!

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